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State of the Art cutting-edge computerised Rehab & Fitness Equipment by HUR®

HUR Health & Fitness Equipment

At BT SPORTS & HEALTH CENTRES - Rehabilitation & Fitness we provide State of the Art and cutting edge technology Rehabilitation & Fitness Equipment to our patients. HUR® Rehab & Fitness machines are not conventional training machines one will find in traditional gyms. Years of research are behind the HUR® Rehab & Fitness machines, which operate with air pressure, enabling a natural transmission of force. The machines are quiet and safe to use. They provide a ‘step-less’ transmission making them effective regardless of the user’s strength capacity. Unlike other traditional gym equipment, HUR® are sophisticated computerised fitness machines.

At BT SPORTS & HEALTH CENTRES - Rehabilitation & Fitness we are using smart card technology that is tailored to each individual. Patients can use the card provided to check-in, preset resistance on each machine as well as keep track of their workout history.


Our Exercise Physiologist will guide you step by step at all time to ensure a safe and effective training to achieve the best outcomes for every individual goal. By using the HUR® technology, it allows our Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Dietician and Exercise Physiologist as well as the doctor to track progress and treat the patient accordingly. As the HUR® resistance equipment is designed to match the body's natural muscular movement, it prevents worn joints from being stressed in extreme positions. This is great news for everyone looking for a safe alternative to traditional resistance training. No bulky weights and resistance can be as low as 100g.


BT SPORTS & HEALTH CENTRES - Rehabilitation & Fitness now presents the most advanced Health & Fitness Equipment technology on the market. Equipped with smart Card technology it provides progression, performance, and results – and provides management and user feedback. BT Rehab & Fitness equipment will be used in Prevention and General Fitness, Rehabilitation and Balance/Strength/EnduranceTesting. 

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