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Shockwave Therapy for
 Erectile Dysfunction on the Sunshine Coast
- Available at our Nambour Clinic -

Erectile concerns are common and treatable

If you experience erectile dysfunction, you are not alone. About 1 in every 5 men over the age of 35 experience this issue, and about 1 in 10 men cannot have erections.

It’s a condition that’s more common for older men but often affects younger men too.

a man in need of shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment
SWT device
We respect and guarantee your privacy
The SW Treatment
Erectile Dysfunction can be helped

How does Shockwave Therapy help men with Erectile Dysfunction?

Shockwave Therapy uses energy from acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularization in certain parts of the body. When neovascularization occurs, new blood vessels form. This helps improve blood flow to the region. This type of therapy has been used to help heart patients, people with kidney stones, and those with fractures and joint inflammation. Recently, scientists have investigated low-intensity shockwave therapy to help men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Blood flow is critical to a man’s erections. When a man is sexually stimulated, arteries widen so that his penis can fill with blood. The blood is what gives the penis the firmness needed for vaginal penetration. A man who has problems with blood flow to the penis may have weaker erections or may be unable to have erections at all.

There are several types of treatments available to men with ED, including pills, vacuum erection devices, and penile injections. However, these therapies are typically conducted on an as-needed basis and may work for only one sexual encounter at a time. Shockwave therapy is different, as it targets the erectile mechanism so that men are more likely to have erections on their own.

We are discrete, private and safe

When making your appointment you do not need to disclose your condition. You can discuss your situation with your Therapists who are  very experienced  in Men's Health. Our treatment rooms are separate and provide undisturbed privacy during treatment. You health concern will be discussed in the treatment room and all details/information remain in the treatment room. Patient privacy is extremely important to us.  Please request an appointment with our Physiotherapist Dr. Uwe Schwiersch. Uwe will explain and discuss the treatment with you and answer all your question.

The treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

The Shockwave Therapy is applied to the penis, which is coated in a special gel. Different areas of the penis are usually targeted. Treatment sessions may last for approx. twenty minutes. Men usually don’t experience pain, although they might have a tingling sensation in the treated area.

Clinical trials of Shockwave Therapy for ED have had very good results. Many men have found that their erections have improved and they are able to have intercourse. For clinical trials published via internet , please see:

Conclusions of the above trial:

"LI-ESWT is a revolutionary treatment of ED, and possesses unprecedented qualities that can rehabilitate erectile tissue. The clinical improvement in subjective erectile function together with the significant improvement in penile hemodynamics following LI-ESWT confirm that LI-ESWT has unique properties that may create a new standard of care for men with ED. LI-ESWT is both feasible and tolerable and without any adverse or unwanted effects. Its main advantage is its ability to improve and potentially restore erectile function in men with ED without additional pharmacotherapy. Hence, LI-ESWT is an appealing addition to the armamentarium of existing treatment options for ED. In the near future we hope that LI-ESWT will be used for the long-term clinical management of ED either as an alternative or as an enhancer to the current treatments of ED." (source:

We are one of only a few Physiotherapy clinics Australia-wide to provide this treatment.
We are highly experienced and provide the most advanced Shockwave Therapy. 

All our Physiotherapists are highly qualified, experienced & registered with their Association.
They are working with Provider No. and Priv. Health Fund rebates can be claimed on the spot.

If you are a new patient to our clinic, please fill out all 3 forms and take them to  your first appointment:
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