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Sports Physiotherapy

BT SPORTS & HEALTH CENTRES have been supporting active people with Physiotherapy on the Sunshine Coast over the past decades to stay fit and healthy. We understand the need for active people from all walks of life and on all levels of sporting activity and competition to be ready for action at all times and to remain injury free. Where injuries do happen we provide the highest standard of injury care to enable sportspeople to return to the field/track as quickly as possible. 


Our experienced physiotherapists have been providing this level of injury management and care to athletes from all levels, amateurs and elite athletes alike, as well as the ones who just want to stay fit and healthy.


No matter what goals athletes may have and what level of competition they are engaged in, they should always have fast access to expert partners in health care. BT SPORTS & HEALTH CENTRES specialises in evaluation and treatment of athletic and orthopedic musculoskeletal injuries.


Our therapists provide superior care and produce results. Our highly trained and professional staff is committed to personalised attention and providing individualised one-on-one patient care. Our treatment philosophy includes one-on-one, hands-on soft tissue mobilisations and functional rehabilitation equipment for safe and complete return to a patient’s prior level of activity in a functional and/or sport specific environment.


Your referring GP/Specialist/Coach is kept informed regarding your rehabilitation progress, allowing for continuity of care. At BT SPORTS & HEALTH CENTRES our approach is to thoroughly assess the patient first before applying an expert treatment for lasting results. We believe in a comprehensive approach involving a variety of treatment methods as well as different allied health disciplines.


At BT SPORTS & HEALTH CENTRES we provide Injury Prevention/Performance Enhancement for Athletes. Our treatment combines:

  •   Shockwave Therapy

  •   Matrix Rhythm Therapy

  •   ART – Active Release Techniques

  •   Acupuncture/Dry needling

  •   Sports Massage

  •   NEW: AlterG® - Anti Gravity treadmill - Taking your training to another level

Dylan Nappa From the Roosters

Dylan Nappa getting ready for the NRL season

Daniel Merrett

Dan Merrett

Mathias Hecht

Mathias Hecht - Triathlete, Switzerland Top 10 Ironman World Finisher

Felicity Abram

Felicity Abram - Tri Athlete

Wests Tigers

Wests Tigers

Wests Tigers

Wests Tigers

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