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                                               The "Super Weight Loss Clinic" is the program that supports you to lose

                                               that stubborn weight and to keep it off - with personalised support                                                          from your professional dietitian. 

The first stage of the clinic includes using VLED (Very Low Energy Diet) for short periods (maximum of 16 weeks).  It is designed to make your body shift from using glucose for energy

to burning your fat stores.  When this starts to happen, your body produces ketones – this is called ketosis. When in ketosis, you can lose between 1 – 2.5kg per week and not feel hungry. 


A VLED made up of total meal replacement products is the easiest way to follow the diet and get all the vitamins and minerals you need.


Once you have reached your goal weight (up to 30kg weight loss), your professional dietitian will provide you with individual advice and support to develop new long-term eating habits so that you keep the weight off and eat a healthy diet that is practical and enjoyable.


         You VLED Super Weight Loss Clinic provides weekly contacts with your dietitian using

         phone, email or face-to-face consultation.


         The VLED is cost effective as all your consultations include private health

         insurance- or Medicare rebates, depending on your referral from your GP.


The VLED Super Weight Loss Diet protocol has been tried and tested and IT WORKS.          

It is different because it is the simplest way to lose that stubborn weight and 

         includes regular professional support and individualised nutrition advice.

                You will be able to keep that weight off and develop healthy eating habits

                 for the rest of your life.

The Best Way to Lose that stubborn Weight and keep it off for a healthier You 



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