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Remedial & Sports Massage on the Sunshine Coast
A Tranquil Experience through Caring Hands

The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. 

The branches and leaves are the body.  

The flower of health blooms when all parts work together.

- Kurdish folk wisdom -

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Remedial Massage &Relaxation Massage


Beneficial for your well-being, massage is a preventative and restorative treatment. Massage assists relaxation and relieves tension, soothes sore muscles, improves circulation and assists in restoring balance and the natural healing processes of your body.

It is a great way to begin your wellness program, as it is an excellent diagnostic tool for the therapist to understand what is happening within you & offer further advice in nutrition or lifestyle changes. 

Sports Massage

Prevent and relieve Injuries - HEALTH FUND REBATES AVAILABLE

Sports Massage is designed to prevent and relieve injuries and conditions that are associated with exercise. It can often be quite vigorous and is meant to relieve and reduce the stress and tension that can build up within the body’s soft tissues while exercising.

Sports Massage can be carried out before, during, or after playing sport or exercising and uses techniques that are designed to increase endurance and performance, to minimise the chances of injury and, if there is an injury, to reduce the recovery time. 

Sports Massage is not only utelised by professional Athletes or people that exercise heavily. Anyone who exercises will benefit.


Reduce painful fascial adhesions - HEALTH FUND REBATES AVAILABLE

The Myofascial Cupping Technique involves the gliding of negatively pressurised cups over the body with the assistance of massage cream and can be accompanied by joint mobilisation. It is a very different technique to traditional cupping and importantly, marking the skin is NOT part of the desired treatment outcome. It also should be performed at a pressure level that is almost painless to the client. 

The Myofascial Cupping TechniqueTM can provide profound benefits, particularly with assisting the body in maintaining Range Of Motion, eliminating Myofascial Trigger Points and reducing restrictive and sometimes painful fascial adhesions.   

Magnesium Massage


Having at least an ounce of what is called magnesium oil rubbed all over your body is simply heavenly.

Benefits include the relief of aches and pains, increased energy, support of cardiac tissues and the cardiovascular system (magnesium being a natural muscle nourishment and relaxant), support of processes of detoxification, support of brain function, improvement of mood and reduction of tension-related stress, support for healthy skin, and numerous other health benefits. 

Pregnancy Massage

Remedial massage for expectant mothers - HEALTH FUND REBATES AVAILABLE

Pregnancy massage is remedial massage that is adapted to suit the specific needs of expectant mothers.


A woman’s body undergoes many physical changes during pregnancy, some of which can cause you pain and discomfort. Remedial massage can help to eliminate and relieve some of your symptoms and complaints that you may experience as you move through the positive physiological effects of pregnancy.


Our therapists undergo professional training in pregnancy massage, allowing them to translate their skills, knowledge and experience as remedial therapists into a comprehensive understanding of how to assist you,  with your precious cargo on board.


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