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Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation

Spinal Mobilisation

Gentle to firm pressure is applied to the spinal joints based on the symptoms and the examination results and the treatment plan. The pressure can be sustained or oscillating. The aim is to reduce muscle spasm around the joints and to increase the natural glide of the joints.


Spinal Manipulation in some cases spinal manipulation is indicated to restore the natural function of the spinal joints. A high velocity small amplitude thrust will be applied at the end of the range of a particular joint in order to increase the range of the joint and to enable to body to regain its function. Mobilisation and manipulation techniques can also be applied to peripheral joints such as shoulders, knees & ankles.

Muscle Energy Techniques

A Physiotherapy technique designed to gently stretch tight and restrictive muscles. The patient is asked to gently contract a particular muscle against the resistance applied by the therapist for a set duration of time.


The therapist then stretches the tight muscle for a set duration of time. This protocol is repeated a number of times slowly increasing range of motion, increasing flexibility, and reducing discomfort and pain. Available at our Physiotherapy clinics on the Sunshine Coast and Hamilton/Brisbane

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