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Shockwave Therapy - Evidence Base treatment

Heal like you have never healed before

Plantar Fasciitis

Shockwave Therapy - Helping you Manage your pain and Restore your Mobility

Medical trials have concluded that Shockwave Therapy is very effective in the treatment for Plantar fasciitis.

See medical studies here:

"This meta-analysis shows that the directed application of shockwaves to the enthesis of the plantar fascia at the inferior calcaneus is a safe and effective nonsurgical method for treating chronic, recalcitrant heel pain syndrome that has been refractory to other commonly used nonoperative therapies. The results suggest that this therapeutic procedure should be considered before any surgical intervention, and may be preferable prior to cortisone injection, which has a recognized risk of rupture of the plantar fascia and a frequent recurrence of symptoms."(

Heel Spur

Let us Help you to Manage your pain

Find information on Medical trials here:

Shin Splints

Re-gain Mobility with Shockwave Therapy

See the results of medical trials here:

Patellar tendinitis

Walking or running with knee pain? Let us help you!

This medical trial, published in is an Interesting read:

Shoulder Tendinitis

Let us help you re-gain Mobility

Great results are documented in this Meta Analysis: 

Achilles Pain

Achilles Pain can significantly reduce your quality of life

For medical trials and outcome please see:

Tennis Elbow

Tennis & Golfer's Elbow often are the result of repetitive strain - We can help

New studies have now concluded that "... ESWT utilization in conservative treatment of lateral epicondyilitis was found to be effective on reducing pain, and improving functional activities and quality of life." You can find the full study here:

  • articles/PMC5175021/


Skin Tightening | Cellulite | Scar Treatment | Body Contouring

Thanks to Shockwave Therapy it is now possible to significantly reduce the appearance of skin firmness, skin elasticity and collagen regeneration.  Various studies and user observations have proven its effectiveness:

Erectile Dysfunction

Erecile Dysfunction can be helped with Shockwave Therapy

With an aging population, Australia is seeing more and more men identifying erectile dysfunction as a prominent health concern. People are living longer and healthier, so intimacy is desired even further into the life cycle than in previous generations.  Sexual health is an important aspect of leading a healthy and happy life. See Medical studies:

Please also see this video:

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