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Sasa Maksimovic - Physiotherapist

Saša, his wife and two sons moved to Australia in April 2022 and he has been a member of the BT- team since May.

He was trained overseas in Germany and first graduated as a massage therapist after which he started his postgraduate physiotherapy studies to be graduating as a physiotherapist in 2007. Since then, he gained his experience in private clinics where he treated patients with a variety of conditions like musculoskeletal, neurologic and cardio-respiratory ailments as well as post-surgery rehabilitations, prevention, sports injury management and also with paediatric and geriatric patients.


He also provided treatment to patients at aged care facility.

Many years of working with patients of different ages, nationalities and cultural backgrounds and his own background have led to the development of high-level social skills.

Saša holds certificates of numerous postgraduate studies like manual therapy, device supported physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, cranio-mandibular dysfunction therapy, slow stroke massage, and kinesiology taping. He can provide a wide range of manual therapy techniques  such as deep soft tissue and trigger point treatment, peripheral neuromuscular facilitation and lymphatic drainage when treating his patients.


Saša favours a ‘hand-on’ approach combined with a supportive and/or corrective exercise plan tailored to the patient’s needs for a proper and long-lasting recovery.

In his free time Saša enjoys long walks with his family and other physical activities such as workouts or basketball or simply relaxes on the beach.

Saša sees patients in our clinics in Mudjimba, Nambour and Coolum Beach from Monday to Friday.

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