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Ergonomics &

Posture Seminars

BT SPORTS & HEALTH CENTRES have been providing services to the community for over 23 years. Our experienced therapists are treating patients with sporting injuries, work injuries, post surgery, and many different aches and pains.


As part of the treatment, we assess posture and create proper posture awareness through correction & exercise - essential for injury prevention or treatment for lower back pain. Increasingly we are treating patients with repetitive strain injury (RSI). The modern economy has shifted more and more from manual work to work using technologies such as computers, tablets and lap tops and with an increased number of hours spent sitting rather than moving around. This puts a lot of strain on our body especially the spine, shoulders, and the associated muscles resulting in increasing RSI numbers.


Over the past months we have seen the number of students attending our clinics increasing. The main complaints were neck, back and shoulder pain in conjunction with arm and wrist pain. These conditions are all related to an increased use of computers both at school and at home in conjunction with less activity. We have discovered a lack in postural control and strength in those students, but also a restricted knowledge in regards to the prevention of the above problems.

In order to increase the knowledge base on how to minimise the risk of RSI and to increase targeted activities such as regular stretching and strengthening of involved muscles we are offering a free seminars on ergonomics and posture for Schools. 

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