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James Pons - Physiotherapist

James, local  to the community of the North Shore, is treating a diverse range of clients across all age groups. With his background in musculoskeletal and sports settings, James actively incorporates hands-on therapy techniques and exercise programming to help elite or recreational athletes recover and regain their optimal performance.

Having previously worked in an orthopaedic environment, James provides pre and post-operative care based on the latest evidence, while maintaining communication with the treating surgeon. Furthermore, his expertise extends to treating individuals under the NDIS Scheme and the ageing population. He offers services such as bone density assessment, balance improvement, and strength testing as part of his comprehensive toolkit.

Upon completing a thorough subjective and objective analysis, James employs a wide range of treatment methods including joint mobilization/adjustment, dry needling, trigger point therapy, and massage. His aim is to address various concerns, whether it's enhancing performance, alleviating pain, or instilling greater confidence in the body's capacity.

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