Ashleigh Gilligan -

Physiotherapy Student, Marketing

Ashleigh's passion for Physiotherapy began at a very young age, having a strong connection to all kinds of sporting activities.


After graduating from the Sunshine Coast Grammar School in 2012, she was accepted to study a Bachelor of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences at The University of Queensland, which was the start of her professional career in the health field.


Upon completion of this degree, she also completed a Diploma in Science in 2017 to broaden her knowledge and skill set.


Following this, she was accepted to study a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Griffith University in 2018, which is where she will graduate as a qualified physiotherapist by 2020.


Ashleigh is very passionate and interested in the physiotherapy industry, thus working with BT Physiotherapy has increased her knowledge and motivation for becomming a successful Physiotherapist.


Other than having a strong passion for developing her professional career, hobbies of hers include going to the beach, travelling and spending time with family and friends.


Ashleigh feels lucky to be a part of the Physiomed team- one of the most advanced Physiotherapy clinic’s Australia-wide.